Friday, July 13, 2007

Does anyone see a lawsuit coming against AT&T?

Which Is More Expensive: A Free Treo 680 or an iPhone?

It works out to about the same total cost over two years because the Treo unlimited data plans are $40/month and the iPhone’s are only $20.

[Link credit to Daring Fireball]

Does anyone see a lawsuit from Palm coming against AT&T - because AT&T is promoting plans to sell a specific phone?


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Paul Douglas said...

Whilst I see your point, I don't think such a suit hold water. If Palm want better data rates for their customers, they really ought to negotiate them.

Like Apple did.

But if it's the same price over the same period, I actually think that's very fair. Either pay a lot up front, or spread it out. What's wrong with that? It gives people choice in how to pay.