Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Daniel Eran Dilger of Roughly Drafted responds to my post:

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the comments. People post things online without much regard for how they're taken by others. You can Google my name and website and pull up lots of really rabid sounding stuff. I try to shake it off, as otherwise it would really be overwhelming.

I have yet to see anyone point out specific problems with my writing (apart from specific errors that I correct), but there sure are lots of people who talk about generalized accusations of getting facts wrong, misstating things, and not knowing what I'm talking about. I very purposely avoid that, because people who hid behind an alias and post smack about me aren't really open to reason. Other times, people just make rather broad pronouncements without substantiation. The link has a bit of both.

Daniel Eran Dilger
RoughlyDrafted Magazine


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Daniel, alright. Like I said in my comments to your first article about this, he get lots of criticism (and praise) but I've never really seen him shy away from it.

People seem to either love him or hate him, but as I said in my interview with you I see some "toning down" in the Apple community now that Apple is having success. Daniel is not toning down, and I rather like that aspect of his site.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well Danel Eran has a very short memory. He must have forgotten about his "Market share myth BUSTED" column which entailed perhaps the sloppiest and most malicious twisting of statistics seen on the web.

He didn't take criticism too well, deleting most any comment from anybody attemping to explain to him why you can't have Microsoft, Dell and Apple in the same pie-chart. (Because when measuring computer market-share, Microsoft's percentage would be zero. They don't make computers. If your measuring OS marketshare or installed-base, then Dell/Toshiba etc. would be zero... those companies dont make OSes. Therefore, a computer-share pie-chart that contains all of those companies would be wrong.)

Ian Betteridge also gets him on a similar set of distortions in Eran's article on the "true cost" of Windows XP, which also caught the attention of TUAW.

Barba Rija said...

It's becoming clear that all the trolls that criticize Daniel or any other person who has a distinct rational voice in any matter, often choose to hide themselves behind anonymosity to try to fudge the facts.

Clearly, you didn't get the point Eran was trying to make about that pie-chart. What he was referring is that is not fair to compare Apple Computers with two markets at the same time. It is not that wrong mathmatically to say that MS must be added to a hardware producer in order to a comparison be fair. Macs are about Hardware AND software. So, if you want to compare them you have to add MS with Dell or HP or whatever. It is not dumb as the coward anonymous says it is.

The true cost of windows xp is getting to myself personally. I had three computers at home and they started to puff. A month ago all three were dead. Why? Because they are more than two years old. And the fact that PC's have a 2 years old average time while Macs endure more is a verifiable fact. Also, I really can't compare the costs of Mac OS X with Windows VISTA. Just the VISTA version costs more than Tiger and Leopard combined, even if I didn't use upgrade, which is the obvious choice. And you still have to buy antivirus and firewalls, or deal with crappy freeware or shove yourself with shareware.

But it is an opinion blog. Everyone's entitled to one. Still, I really see that his style is very rigorous, though somewhat warlike. And very entertainy.

Anonymous said...

just wondering how you got your photos off your iPhone - I still haven't figured it out.