Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The 300 Out Today!

Don't forget that The 300 is out on video today.

I went to see this in theaters twice and I bought it on bootleg DVD from my local flea market. I have now seen it more than 35 times. I watch it while I'm writing, doing paperwork, and to fall asleep to. I just bought the DVD from Wal-Mart. I also own an original movie poster.

Best line: (King Leonidas is asked to kneel by Xerxes)

"Kneeling ... now that might be a bit of a problem. You see ... killing all of those soldiers of yours has left a nasty cramp in my leg ...

This is a visually stunning movie. I highly recommend it! If you are a creative type (graphic design/artist) you owe it to yourself to see this movie.

One of my favorite scenes:

King Leonidas is standing in front of a deep water well facing a messenger of the Persian army (whose back is to the well) ... Leonidas disagrees with the messenger and kicks him into the well. This is dramatically shot in slow motion - it's so visual and empowering.

Here is the High Def trailer at APPLE.COM: The 300

Almost every second of this movie frame by frame - is worthy of an art gallery.

If you haven't purchased the video yet ... please consider supporting this site and using this link. It's also the cheapest price!


Paul Douglas said...

So...You like it then?

FYT said...

Yes ... Out of 1 to 10 ... I give it a 300

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow, you sure saw that movie an awful lot of times!

Actually, I wasn't interested in the movie, but now you got me very curious. Over 35 times, hah? (Trying for 300 perhaps?)

Well, now, thanks to you, I will now have to go out and rent the damn thing!

Thanks Jack, your about to cost me a couple of bucks in rental fees. I'd better like it.

If I don't like it, I trust that you you will refund me, my money?

Just kidding. I'm looking forward to seeing it, but I'm not sure it looks suitable for my ten-year boy, Matthew?

Is it?


FYT said...

It is an adult movie - but if you ask your boy to cover his eyes for the one brief sex scene ... I think it's otherwise ok.

Anonymous said...

I was actually unimpressed by the movie, and looking at other movie post I have I chalk that up to just having different tastes. That said, I was really impressed when reading about the efforts that the actors went through to look like they did. It sounded like four months of workout hell.

Anyway, I can't hear about this movie without thinking of Dan Savage's review of it. This part always makes me giggle.

"The Persian army is an armed gay-pride parade, a threat to all things decent and, er, Greek. The king of the Spartans—among the most notorious boy-f****rs in all of ancient history—dismisses Athenian Greeks as weak-willed "philosophers and boy lovers." The Persian emperor? An eight-foot-tall black drag queen—mascara, painted-on eyebrows, pink lip gloss. Emperor RuPaul is positively obsessed with men kneeling in front of him. Why gay up the Persians? So that straight boys in the theater can identify with the Spartan king and his 300 soldiers—all of whom appear to have been recruited from and outfitted by the International Male catalog."

Anonymous said...

While it was worth seeing I'm not sure if I could watch it as often as you have - I may view it again somewhere down the line. Maybe 300 days away?......