Thursday, June 21, 2007

Step Into The Light

Small Wave points to a recent article on The Red Ferret Journal that seeks to warn us all of the 10 "serious problems" with touchscreens that we should know before June 29 (i.e., the date the iPhone is released).

From Small Wave:

Well, let's get started.

"1. Sunshine is not your friend. Don’t bother trying to dial from that sunny beach."

Yes, this is not only "serious," but since it's well known that most iPhone users will be spending their time at the nearest beach, it will be a major issue. Of course, any other backlit screen will be washed out, too, so I suppose the legions of people bringing their other phones to the beach are in for a struggle as well.

I have had 28 (yes, 28!) DIFFERENT cellphones in the past three months - trying a different phone out every few days. I wanted to get a good idea of all the "customer experiences out there" so I could give a thorough and honest review of the iPhone in comparison to the most popular AND the most tech-heavy cellular phones currently available.

Out of those 28 phones - I had ZERO that I could see clearly in bright sunlight. Why is this a complaint? That being said, I can almost assure you that this will not be a big issue because YOU CAN see the iPhone in bright light.

* By the way, an AWESOME FEATURE of GSM SIM card phones is the ability to own ANY GSM SIM card phone INSTANTLY - no programming, no network handshaking, no visit to the local "cellphone store" to get it working.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My latest phone is just as bad as any for washing out in sunlight.

They'll just have to learn to step out of the light.....

(...if they haven't already figured this out...)