Sunday, June 17, 2007

So ... how is the summer box office doing so far? [UPDATED]

Here is a total for all of the blockbuster movies and movies that have become sleeper hits for the Summer of 2007.

All totals as of Monday June 18 2007:

Spiderman 3 Worldwide: $873 million
Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 Worldwide: $821 million
Ocean's 13 Worldwide $137 million
Shrek 3 Worldwide (not in full release yet) $403 million

These four movies cost a total of almost $1 Billion combined to produce.

To date they have earned (combined): +/- $2.3 Billion

This equals a 200% +/- return to movie studios

Disturbia (In US release only) $79 million (cost $25 million)
Knocked Up( In US release only) $90 million (cost $30 million)

These two movies have earned $169 million combined.

The two of them cost $55 million which makes for 300% + return to movie studios

From my observance: there are 5 films that have only earned exactly their money to produce and one film that was a major box office flop: Grindhouse.

The irony is:

The two movies that have had the biggest return; Disturbia and Knocked Up and the movie that has lost the most money this year so far, Grindhouse are inarguably three of best films I have seen this year. None of the blockbuster sequels have been all that memorable (to me at least).

The box office take so far this year has been HUGE - especially if you count The 300 and Blades Of Glory.

We still have 3 major releases to go: Ratatouille, The Transformers & Harry Potter 5 (which will reach 1 billion + guaranteed)

If this happens, the movie industry is on track to have a 20%+ box office increase worldwide this year.

What will the MPAA say? What happened to piracy taking a toll on the movie industry? They've already said it. "The box office would be up 30% if their were no piracy" - which I honestly don't see how that would be possible - people only spend SO much on movies, and the year so far has already stretched budgets pretty thin ... especially with gas prices being high.

* data obtained from

* Studios (on average) receive 55% of box office ticket revenue and receive an additional 2% in preview advertising + 5% in licensing

* Most movies make an additional 50% of the box office take in video sales and an additional 10% in revenue for television licensing/viewing

* A blockbuster is considered a movie that will gross $150 million or more - meaning that at least 1.5 million of the movie going population has seen a movie.


Paul Douglas said...

You forgot The Simpsons Movie. That'll be big too

FYT said...

I'm not sure how well The Simpsons does overseas - so it's kind of up in the air. A blockbuster is counted as a movie that makes $150 million or more - it basically means that 1.5 million people have seen the movie - enough to be able to make a joke about on Saturday Night Live and least half the audience get the joke.

Paul Douglas said...

Well, over here in the UK, I'm expecting it to be quite big. We like us some Simpsons. I suppose there is a chance it won't be a blockbuster, but I suspect it will be.