Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ocean's 13 Review

I love movies where you like the bad guys. Only the best directors and best casting combine to make "likeable bad guys". The Ocean's 11 movies are examples of great casting and great directing combining to make "likeable bad guys".

In this installment, the Ocean's Gang unites to seek out revenge when a Casino mogul reneges on a partnership with one of the crew.

I hate to keep using this cliche in this summer of trilogies, but this is the 3rd best Ocean's movie in the 3 part series thus far.

This movie chose a slightly different directoral path - by revealing the "how" of the con the entire movie. While there is a very interesting twist at the end, the action comes more from the improvisation and intelligence of the Ocean's Gang in this film.

I particularly liked the odes to Sinatra (who originally played Danny Ocean). I also enjoyed seeing Super Dave Osborne as one of the stars.

In some places the dialogue is a little too wordy and was kind of hard to follow.

You don't really have to have seen the other two for this movie to make sense, but it does help.

I would recommend it, but this one might be a "wait for it on video" release kind of recommendation.

That being said, this is the best of the summer movies that I've seen thus far. I might change my mind once I see Transformers.


Anonymous said...

Oceans 11 was great , 12 was bad and 13 was somewhere in the middle.

Time to stop making any more of these -- just isn't working.

FYT said...

I agree with that assesment - 12 was actually good wthout the "Julia Roberts is tess is Julia Roberts is Tess" thing.

I especially like how they "conned a con using a con man"