Friday, June 29, 2007

Meredith Vieira: Tool

So Meredith Vieira was on set on the Today Show this morning ... seeming to have PURPOSEFUL trouble with using the iPhone ... pretending like it wasn't working and blaming her fumbling on her "dislike for ALL gadgets".

THEN 10 minutes later ...

Another segment is introduced ... ["The iPhone may be out today ... but another big company is also making waves ... Microsoft has inventive technologies coming up too!"]


What an OBVIOUS plant by Microsoft to try to steal thunder. Whether or not I'm bias in saying this or not ... today's tech news IS ALL iPHONE ... period.

Get this ... the segment intro ended with "... even printing digital coupons!"

ooooooooh cooooooupons!

Then it was introduced again as "When we return ... Microsoft's answer to the iPhone"

Microsoft doesn't have an answer - the iPhone is the answer to I can't understand this stupid Windows Mobile phone interface"

The only thing that could trump it is Microsoft inventing ... teleportation!

The Microsoft piece was a carefully engineered piece that has obviously been getting edited for weeks ... how convenient that it's introduced on the day of the iPhone launch.

If anyone wants to assist with a video link when it's posted later let me know.

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