Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Journalists blurring the line ... Bloggers blurring the line

As reported by CNet

Blogger from the Courier-Journal of Louisville, KY recently ejected from an NCAA game for live-blogging.

"According to the Courier-Journal, staff blogger Brian Bennett was approached by NCAA officials in the fifth inning of a game between the University of Lousville and Oklahoma State, told that blogging 'from an NCAA championship event "is against NCAA policies (and) we're revoking the (press) credential and need to ask you to leave the stadium."'

This isn't about "blogging". It's about live/near-live coverage of an event by a person with press credentials. This is NO different than someone setting up an announcer's booth within the stadium and broadcasting play by play.

This blogger (who was caught) actually RECEIVED a press badge AND actually received a memo stating the following:

No blogging allowed during the game while present in ANY NCAA arena

Besides, this particular blogger is paid and receives revenue particularly from his blogging/journalism on sports events. This is not some home based blogger that is reporting in the sense of news and news commentary.

Between the litigation that I am in and my case not being dismissed simply for "Fair Use" - rather being dismissed for "News and News Commentary" and things like this - where a credentialed journalist who works for a paper trying to claim "blogging rights" - the lines of journalism are being so complicated that the law itself governing the the medium will be next to impossible to interpret by judges, jurys, and attorneys for many years to come.

A journalist who blogs - blogs - he is NOT a blogger.

A blogger who blogs and does so with the intent to inform or educate/deliver news and news commentary is a journalist blogger.

A blogger who blogs about their personal life without any intent to inform or entertain the average reader - is just a blogger.

A friend of mine made a good point regarding bloggers - the majority of bloggers really just post on personal "MYspace" pages - they mostly write things that only their friends care about and do not promote their stories via any of the news or social news aggregating websites.

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