Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone Stress Tests

Excellent video by PC World's Eric Butterfield showing:

1) Keys in your pocket scratch test (PASSED)

2) Drop on carpet from 5 feet (PASSED)

3) The painful to watch - drop on linoleum from 5 feet (PASSED)

4) The "will make you cry" 3 times dropping it on pavement from 5 feet up test (PASSED ... wow)

iPhone Stress Test


Unknown said...

I love your site! Keep up the gooood work!

Anonymous said...

It's great, but as I posted when I summarized a few reviews on my blog today:

"PC World, in a bow to some of the ridiculous complaints about the iPhone in recent weeks, exposed the device to a stress test .

The reason I call this a bow to ridiculous arguments is simple: When was the last time PC World put a Nokia, Treo, Motorola, Blackberry, etc. into a bag with chains and shook it? When was the last time they dropped it form face height onto concrete?

It's silly the iPhone was even exposed to such testing, unless they also exposed the above-mentioned phones as well, which of course they didn't.

Oh well, at least we know the iPhone doesn't look like a tank, but it's built like one."

FYT said...

That's a good point about other phones .... BUT ... don't we know from our own experiences how the OTHER phones hold up. I have to say, the PCWorld stress test ranks right up there with best scoop for the iPhone after launch - it's just something NO ONE would even think of doing. I think first place goes to iFIXit - for having disassembly photos strting at 7PM EST.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and iFIXit's disassembly was very methodical and deliberate. It really did show the thing is built like a tank.

Meanwhile, did you see Wired's Cult of Mac iPhone "autopsy?" Not quite as deliberate. They kind of ripped it up, really. And yet, when they put it back together (barely) it still worked. Pretty cool.