Friday, June 29, 2007


ValleyWag reports:

First attempted iPhone mugging

Steven Levy of Newsweek, "one of only four" people allowed to review the iPhone early, was just jumped and nearly mugged, live on Fox News (9:26 AM EDT). The foolish mugger was quickly dispatched by police and camera men; Levy quickly bounced up and proceeded to demo the device (it did not appear to be scratched or harmed for those concerned) with much aplomb to the shaken announcer -- even though Fox initially cut away and did not know how to handle the situation. Now that the iPhone will be released, you don't need to hide it... but you might be wise to do so.

I'm not sure what I'm concerned about more ... that someone mugs a relative tech celeb or they try to do it right in front of a news crew? Jeeez

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brent said...

No, the moron did not grab the hottest new thing to hit the market in years. He grabbed a mic (with cord attached) and tried to run with it. Not so smart.