Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Fake iPhone Isn't The Interesting Thing About This Video

Engadget uncovers this YouTube video:

Fake iPhone unboxing and demo

Watch the video and see this notice written across the back of the "Fake iPhone":

Notice: iPhone is the world mark registered by Apple Inc in USA
Warning: It will break the law without authorized by Apple Inc if you use "iPhone" logo on any electronic products.

Also take note that it's called the tPhone on the front and iPhone on the back.

The sad thing is Apple can't do anything about this ... this is produced in Taiwan - where copyright exists but isn't enforced and where manufacturers are essentially encouraged to rip off American products by the lack of enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Another "just as good as the iPhone" story. What is it with these people who think the main menu is all the iPhone has to offer? I'm hopeful consumers are smarter than they were 20 years ago:

Just like the iPhone? This isn't 1987.

Anonymous said...

Had to be amazed at the guys ability to understand the operation of this cutting edge device by looking at only the first page of the manual!

I noticed that the Apple logo was reversed on the screen when he turned it off. They can't even get that right.

I think anyone who buys one of these deserves it. Morons.....

It's a shame that companies (not just Apple) that have their products ripped off days after they reveal them had some way of getting these pirate companies shut down and made bankrupt - but I doubt that will ever happen...

Anonymous said...

This is such a joke, these criminals in Taiwan are not only thieves but they suck at counterfeiting. How stupid will someone have to be to purchase one of theses things. I hope every unit they swindle someone into purchasing dies a quick Windows blue-screen of death. My message to anyone who buys one of these things is you are all Losers! They wouldn't do this if you didn't want to be someone you are not. Get a life and throw away all the rest of your rip-off Rolex watches, Coach handbags and Ralph Lauren clothes. You are a phony, just like the fake stuff you buy.

FYT said...

You know ... I hate to say this ... but with the way Apple Computer stuff becomes collectible - I would almost assure you that this iPhone fake would be worth a couple hundred bucks in 10-20 years if you sold it on ebay with the right hype.

But I agree - if you buy this you really should be prosecuted. I would imagine Apple will follow up with YouTube as to the identity/IP address of the poster of this video.

Anonymous said...

I think that should be - if you buy this you really should be persecuted...

"You bought a what? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


FYT said...

Roget - note for you - I added a footnote to a story based on your comment - not that you caught me - I updated the story just for you. Thanks for pointing that out - I didn't realize you could find it so easily.

Anonymous said...

it does not say "warning". they forgot an n, it says "waring" instead.

it also says "pruducts" instead of "products".

in addition to having really bad engrish, this phone is a slick bastardization of what the iphone could be.

they took out some features, and added some features
2 sim cards!?
upgradable memory??
switchout battery?!?

i found one of these (called a CECT P168) for sale for $75 less than the iPhone in my city.