Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evan Almighty: Arcane family movie.

Roget's Thesaurus: arcane (as in "arcane") adj. : requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

You've got to go into this movie expecting a PG movie. Not a PG-13 movie - a PG family film. Why this movie didn't actually get a G rating I'll never know. This movie had no more violence or action than a Pixar film. The only reason I saw that it may have gotten a PG was - it dealt with Christian themes. The PG rating doesn't explain at the bottom what it is for.

Can I just say that Morgan Freeman IS GOD? He is what I envision God to look like and is the perfect casting for God.

One of my favorite lines from this movie involves Morgan Freeman (God) explaining to Evan's wife (Lauren Graham) how God operates:

God: "Do you think I just snap my fingers and make someone patient?"


"Or do you think I give some the opportunity to be patient?"

"Do you think I just give someone courage?"

"Or do you think I give them an opportunity to be courageous?"

It all boils down to free will and initiative. God is made out perfectly in this film. He deals with abstracts in laymen's terms. He deals with people by placing them in situations rather than controlling the situation - yet he knows the outcome from before he started.

I was really surprised that this movie only pulled in $32 million over its first weekend in the US. A lot of local churches were promoting it - church groups were even giving away tickets to the first showing on Friday at 7PM.

This movie is destined to be on the every cable channel and destined to be a HUGE video release - so I doubt that it loses money in the long run. I also think because of its ties to "corrupt Washington DC, and the stories of Gilgamesh" that it may do well once released in full internationally.

I highly recommend taking your kids ... they'll love it.

8 out of 10 stars would be an appropriate rating.

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