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The Top 100 Movies Of All Time Finally Narrowed Down To The Top 10

I have had a Top 100 movies list for a long time .... every now and then one movie would get bumped because once every 3 years or so a great movie comes along - movies so good ... you could watch it over and over and never get tired of it.

I think I finally have a Top 10 list of movies that I could watch all in a row or ten times straight.

My new #1 is The 300. I went to see this in theaters twice and I bought it on bootleg DVD from my local flea market. I have now seen it more than 25 times. I watch it while I'm writing, doing paperwork, and most recently to fall asleep to. I will certainly buy the DVD when it comes out in August. I also own an original movie poster.

Best line: (King Leonidas is asked to kneel by Xerxes)

"Kneeling ... now that might be a bit of a problem. You see ... killing all of those soldiers of yours has left a nasty cramp in my leg ...

Honestly, The 300 is full of great one liners.

#2 Shawshank Redemption

My previous #1 was Shawshank Redemption. Like The 300, it is a very inspirational movie. This movie has one of the best written plot twists of any drama I know.

Best line: (The hypocritical "Christian" warden opens his bible - in it he sees an outline of a rock pick used to escape from his prison.)

On the front inside cover is an inscription: "You were right warden, redemption lies within."

Again, Shawshank Redemption is full of great lines - the narration of the story by Morgan Freeman is practically Shakespearian in it's delivery.

#3 Star Wars

A very close #3 is the entire Star Wars collection - this isn't a cop out to fit more movies than 10 into my Top 10 - really the 6 films are all one long story. While Empire Strikes Back and Revenge Of The Sith stick out as the best films - all movies are equally entertaining.

Best line: (Han Solo is about to be put into hybernation and it may kill him. Princess Leia says, "Han, I love you" passionately as she looks into Solo's face descending into the freezing chamber)

Han Solo replies: "I know"

The prequels were in part written by Lucas on an Apple PowerBook Duo.

#4 The Matrix

This is one of the only trilogies where I would not include the two sequels. The first movie can stand on it's own. This was one of the most overdone concepts but handled in a competely unique way by The Wachowskis brothers directing. It's a shame they ruined the sequels.

Best line: (The main character Neo has just been told that his whole life is not real and that he is actually a slave in a computer generated prison. He is given the choice to "enter the real world")

Morpheus ( a member of a resistance that can enter The Matrix ) says, " Remember, all I'm offering is the truth"

That is a very powerful line. To use the the phraseology of "all I'm offering" and the offer is "the truth" - how could you refuse?

#5 Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump gives an excellent view of 1950-80's America. It's the greatest pseudo documentary ever made.

Best line: (After beating up a white guy who identified with The Black Panthers and the protest of the Vietnam War)

Forrest (saying sincerely): "Sorry to ruin your little Black Panther party"

It's not that the words are funny ... it's more about the delivery with sincerity that makes this a great line.

Forrest Gump also features his purchase of Apple Computer Stock and getting independently wealthy from it.

#6 Forbidden Planet

This movie from 1956 has special effects that rival films from 2007. It has some of the greatest set design, matte painting, and robotic design - in cinema history.

Best line: (Robbie the Robot, explaining why he was late in responding to being summoned)

"My apologies. I was giving myself an oil job."

This line is only good due to the very "matter of fact" robot voice that Robbie had, dubbed by Marvin Miller - who also did the robot voice for Lost In Space with the famous line, "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!"

#7 The Breakfast Club

This is the only movie I know of where you know each character already before they are even introduced. It has such an amazing character development for such a short film and such a confined set - the library of a high school on a saturday for detention.

Best line: (Allison - an odd alternative type is asked why she was in detention after the other 4 students have given dramatic reasons)

Allison's reply: "Nothing better to do" ( Indicating she was there by choice to hang out. )

I identify with this movie a lot because I knew each one of these high school stereotypes and I feel that I was ALL of them rolled into one.

#8 Back To The Future

This trilogy in my opinion is the only movie series that appeals to every generation and age level. It is, again in my opinion, the greatest family movie series ever made. I've never met anyone who doesn't love this movie and its two sequels.

In part II, when Marty (played by Micheal J. Fox) travels to the future he sees a Mac Plus for sale in an antique shop - something that will not be far from the truth I would imagine. The Mac Plus already fetches a premium on eBay.

Best line: "Lorraine you are my density ... I mean ... my destiny"

The Other 2 Of The 10

If you have some suggestions I should consider ...list them in the comments. I have three in mind that I will narrow to the final two, but I might be missing a movie or two.

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