Monday, May 28, 2007

The Top 10 Geek Movies You Need To See Or See Again: Gattaca

Continuing with FixYourThinking's expanded movie coverage ... may I present another movie in:

The Top 10 Geek Movies You Need To See Or See Again


Gattaca is the ultimate geek movie for several reasons. First it's a story of redemption. Except the redemption comes from the outcast who is told he isn't smart; disproving it to all by sophisticated deception. The deception though could only be pulled off by the smartest of individuals. Vincent is such an individual. Vincent (played by Ethan Hawke) instead becomes both jock and nerd - also learning chemistry and biology in the process of covering up his identity.

Second, Gattaca is an ultimate Geek movie, because the short guy with glasses gets the uber attractive girl.

Gattaca centers around a type of "Brave New World" future where those born are genetically assigned to their place in society. Doctors are born doctors and the parents are made aware of it soon after conception.

Once assigned to your career, the only thing that can stop you from being wealthy and living out your destiny is fate.

Going underground, Vincent assumes the identity of Jerome (played by Jude Law), crippled in an accident, and achieves prominence at Gattaca, where he is selected for his lifelong desire: a manned mission to Saturn. Constantly passing gene tests by diligently using samples of Jerome's hair, skin, blood and urine, "his perfect (albeit altered) world is challenged just before his dream becomes within reach, when the mission director is killed and his real DNA is found near the crime scene!

This movie has a very good twist at the end. If you are a geek, the ending may make you cry.

In case you don't get the connection of the word Gattaca - the name for the Space Training Facility in the movie it is comprised of four of the five nucleotides [proteins] that make up DNA: Guanine, Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine. These proteins are listed by their first letter, G, A, C, T, with the fifth main protein being Urasil; U. One could stretch the meaning of the missing protein to mean [YOU] or [UGLY] - there are no [UGLY] genes at Gattaca.

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