Monday, May 21, 2007

The Top 10 Geek Movies You Need To See Or See Again: Cube I & II

Over the next few weeks I will be listing great geek movies that you need to see or see again. I hope the list will be a majority of movies you haven't seen or haven't seen in such a long time - you've forgotten the majority of the plot.

I'm going to post one movie every few days.

The first entry is:

Cube I and Cube II: HyperCube

The first Cube Movie came out in 1998. It was released into 25 theaters in limited US release. The production budget was $25,000. The movie grossed $502,000 in it's 3 month theatrical run. It wasn't until its release on video the following year that it really gained "Cult Geek Status". The video, very popular at Blockbuster video rental stores, before the age of online rentals, had to be taken into multiple production runs - as it became a Top 25 rental.

Because of the video success, Cube II: Hypercube was placed into production in late 2001. With a much bigger budget to cover special effects and "semi-well known" actors, Cube II: Hypercube proved to be a worthy successor. In my opinion it far surpassed the originality and story line of the first film.

So what is "The Cube"? To answer that with the best answer would really give the movie away. The shortest and sweetest plot synopsis I can give is:

Eight strangers wake up in a bizarre 50ftx50ftx50ft cube shaped room with no recollection of how they got there and no idea of how to get out. Each surface - floor, ceilings, and walls have doors that lead semingly endless to other simalarly cube shaped rooms.

I highly recommend that you don't read any other plot descriptions. Finding out the details of the "The Cube" is part of the enjoyment. The ending to HyperCube is particularly shocking. You will never see it coming. You will think at first, the ending is cheesey, then within a minute - the final scene blows you away.

A third movie was made called Cube: Zero - which is a prequel. I thought the third was weak and don't recommend seeing it.

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