Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Only Non Gimmicky way to get a discount at the Apple Store Online ...

I've used MYPOINTS for 5 years now. It's the only way I know of to "get a discount" at the Apple Online Store.

It works like this:

You sign up, fill out a survey to discover your interests ... MyPoints sends you emails based on those preferences. Each email you and related website you read and visit earns you from 5-50 points EACH. Each dollar you spend at various online retailers that participtae earn you from 2-20 points per dollar spent with the occasional bonus points offers of 500 points to 1000 points.

1500 points = roughly a $10 gift certificate to 100's of different brick and mortar businesses.


You can even earn points for iTunes Music/Video store purchases.

Retailers like Office Depot allow you to combine their affilate programs, their bonus programs like WorkLife Rewards with MYPoints - my average discount at Office Depot when ordering online and using a coupon code exceeds 40% OFF!

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