Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Macrumors points out another fine Engadget rumor

ITWire, Slashdot, and Engadget are claiming that Quanta is confirming a 2nd generation iPhone order... however, the Quanta's statement was simply misread:

Quanta's statement simply quotes the original Commercial Times report (bullet #3), but then states (bullet #5):

It is important for the Company to gain new business to sustain growth and development. However, the Company would like to reiterate that as general business conduct, the Company will not comment on specific customer,order or any types of confidential information. All business remains solid and strong as planned.

You know your reporting is sloppy when Apple Rumors websites even call your stories with solid proof.

If Engadget isn't careful ... they will lose readers by the 100's like Slashdot has because of the political trolls.

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