Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Internal Investigation into "Apple Gate"

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has officially started an investigation into the "fake email" that Engadget failed to verify or to patiently confirm - reported on - and consequently caused a 4 billion (with a "B") stock fluction in a 23 minute time period.

In the wake of the fake iPhone and Leopard delay rumor that hit the web on May 16th, there's been a number of stories and claims regarding the events.

Engadget posted their sequence of events, which involved the fake email sent through an internal Apple distribution list to employees indicating that the iPhone and Leopard would be delayed. A couple of hours later, Apple sent out a followup memo stating that the previous memo was fake.

From what we've heard, the sequence of events described is accurate. A fake email was indeed sent to an internal email Apple distribution list as described. The source of the fake email is unknown, but an internal investigation has been launched at Apple to seek out this individual. There is speculation that the author of the email was an ex-Apple employee.

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