Monday, May 21, 2007

The Free Laptop Vs The Free Enterprise

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There was an interesting interview last night on 60 Minutes.

Craig Barrett (CEO Intel) and Nicholas Negroponte (Spearhead of The One Laptop Per Child Program) were interviewed respectively.

In the segment, Negroponte tossed out such nasty comments as "[Intel] should be ashamed of itself." & "It's just shameless"

The comment came after Negroponte claimed that for-profit Intel is dumping its Classmate PC - offering it below cost - on the same governments he's offering his not-for-profit OLPC.

Why would someone who genuinely cares to see children have the educational tool - care where it comes from. Why would anyone question getting laptops (if they perform the same general function) to as many children as possible?

Here's why ...

I can almost assure you that ONE day we will find out that Negroponte shaved 50 cents or $1 off every laptop or at the very least some part of the supply chain did. I mean really ... if the goal truly does reach 1 billion laptops distributed, just 1 penny shaved is $10 million saved - by someone!

These laptops are a JOKE! They may cost the governments $100-$250 - but the REQUIRED IT and infrastructure that goes with them adds an additional $700-$800 to EACH one.

Video of the 60 Minutes segement


I Hate Children And Their Little Laptops Too!

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