Thursday, May 03, 2007

But it does bring in the hits ...

PC World Editor Quits Over Story Titled ‘Ten Things We Hate About Apple’

Colleagues at my former outlet, PC World magazine, have told me that Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken quit abruptly today because the company’s new CEO, Colin Crawford, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs.

The piece, a whimsical article titled “Ten Things We Hate About Apple,” was still in draft form when Crawford killed it. McCracken said no way and walked after Crawford refused to compromise.

I have to say, I don't understand why it was killed ... unless it was poorly written. My most hit and most commented on story on this site remains in the top 50 most DUGG Apple stories.

There have been plenty of top 10 lists, but it seems MY ARTICLE which was praised by many blogs for being a perfect hit generating story and a perfect example of how to draw readers set off a flurry of copycat posts all over the Mac blogosphere.

Why would I make such a bold statement? That single post generated 4.2 million views ... (yes million * just look at my Alexa chart) over the course of 2 months. My readership has gone WAY WAY down since then (March of 2006) but served to give me a platform for two other stories that rode on the coat tails of hits from that piece.

The story has basically ended up being one (the biggest one) of my (4) 15 minutes of fame that I have gathered from this site.

* Thanks to Daring Fireball for the heads up

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