Monday, April 23, 2007

Fix Your Thinking wins award!! But can I win another?

Well it seems I won an entry in Digital Culture's "Best Technology Writing 2007". Many thanks to all those who nominated me.

The book , which is a collection of tech writing from the past year, will be published this September.

I will be holding a contest to give away a few signed copies.

From The Digital Culture ABOUT PAGE:

"The essays collected in this book are sparkling, imaginative pieces of journalism that just happen to be about technology. People steeped in the world of AJAX or Massively Mulitplayer Online Games will find a lot to value here, but so will readers simply in search of good writing."

~ James Fallows, National Correspondent for Atlantic Monthly

In other contest news ... I entered into the engadget "make us a mascot" contest.

This was my entry - submitting it as Philip Smith from Fix Your Thinking. Lemme know what you think ...

If mascot stands to the side - the three prongs on the plug also form the letter "E"

Could probably use fleshing out into either costume or made a little more cartoonish.

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