Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Apple Sued Over Use Of Tabs In OS X Tiger?

* Graphic from Engadget

As reported by Slashdot:

"... an Illinois-based company and its Nevada partner have filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc., alleging that Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger' infringes an interface patent relating to the OS's nearly universal use of tabs. The suit was filed in the patent troll's and forum shopper's favorite venue: Marshall, TX. The patent in question is 5072412, which was originally issued to Xerox in 1987, but is now owned or licensed to IP Innovation LLC and its parent Technology Licensing Corporation. 'Category dividers triggered by Spotlight searches, as well as page tabs in the Safari web browser, bear the closest similarity to the now 20-year-old description' of the patent, according to the article. IP Innovation is requesting damages in excess of $20 million and an injunction against future sales and distribution of Mac OS X 10.4. Software patent reform can't come soon enough!"

The absurdity of copyright and patent law continues. One day ... there will be a case that will bring this broken system to the forefront of people's mind so as they demand change. I honestly thought it would be The Creative vs Apple suit and result in Apple's win basically acquiring Creative ... alas ... Apple just paid them off to shut them up.Then I thought the Cisco iPhone suit would be "the one lawsuit" - but it ends up Cisco was just milking that for the press.

This suit will be added to the Fix Your Thinking reference section: Your Rights The Law & Litigation

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