Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More On The The Drama Eye Sensed

On Monday El Gato - makers of the EyeTV hardware and software solutions for TV reception on Macs - released a statement that they were terminating their license agreement with Miglia.

A fraction more detail is provided here.

Miglia made no press release on Tuesday as most websites were reporting (instead it was a very brief statement). The Miglia website was down as of the writing of this update. [UPDATE: Back up - might have been due to traffic]

Miglia statement:

"The licence agreement between Miglia and the software supplier for EyeTV has not been renewed, Miglia will no longer ship products that contain this application in its TV solutions. Customers that use this application with their Miglia TV product should have no concerns about ongoing support or upgrades, for updated information, please check the support section of our site. From time to time we have chosen to bundle other manufacturers software with our own hardware where it has been appropriate, this policy will continue."

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