Monday, March 12, 2007

iPhone generated 400 Million + in free advertising?

Gizmodo is reporting that a Harvard Professor has concluded that the iPhone generated $400 million plus in free advertising for Apple.

This Harvard professor also notes that it is an unprecedented product launch. He even hints that it may be the biggest in history.

I have to agree. The other factor here is the advertising dollar it generated for web sites that reported on it. My November-January totals were way up - to an astounding above average $36 per month through my affilaite links and Google ADsense!

If they would reveal the statistics I would love to see what the major Mac Blogs and news sites generated because of the buzz as well.

If I were to take a guess ... I would bet MacRumors traffic/advertising/revenue were up for the November-January quarter 500% or greater. Just a guess.

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