Friday, March 09, 2007

I could see this 300 times .... in a row!

I went to the midnight showing of The 300 last night. This is a visually stunning movie. I highly recommend it! If you are a creative type (graphic design/artist) you owe it to yourself to see this movie.

My two favorite scenes:

King Leonidas [Gerard Butler] is standing over literally dozens of dead Persians after a battle - eating an Apple he says "... we fought well Spartans!"

King Leonidas is standing in front of a deep water well facing a messenger of the Persian army (whose back is to the well) ... Leonidas disagrees with the messenger and kicks him into the well. This is dramatically shot in slow motion - it's so visual and empowering.

Here is the High Def trailer at APPLE.COM: The 300

Almost every second of this movie frame by frame - is worthy of an art gallery.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Sin City was a great movie - I look forward to seeing this now....

FYT said...

Sin City got more buzz on video and after it was in theaters I think. This is an amazing new format for movies. It's like BMovies with high budgets. The acting is over the top, the visuals are way out there, the plots are uniquely odd but interesting.

You'll definitely like it. Roget - post your opinions - I'm interested in what you thought.

Anonymous said...

Finally got around to seeing 300. Visually very stunning - I haven't read any of Skinners novels but I am tempted to now just to see how well they transferred to celluloid.