Wednesday, March 14, 2007 website is down least at the time of this writing and for the last 24 hours.

Here's a really good writeup about how the site started and it's founder.

It's a really great place to see some really bad eBay experiences and sellers.

I was heading over there this morning to add a few deserving eBayers to "the list".

I have had more bad eBay experiences in the last month than I have had in ALL of my previous 9 years on eBay combined!

First ... I have a seller ship me a hard drive in a padded envelope (no box/no static bag) ... (I paid $14.05 total for it) ... he offered a purchase price refund of $10.00 if I shipped it back at my expense. ( costing me $7.34 to mail & netting me a $2.66 refund = loss of $7.34 )

Then, I have a buyer post positive feedback with "As discribed" (his misspelling) then 2 days later say he wants a full refund because of some obscure thing he found wrong with ONE of the items in a 35 piece computer bundle. He starts emailing me day and nite signing his emails with 5 different names (yet it was the same person) - I try to use the eBay contact system to call him - the phone number listed was the Mental Patient Ward at a VA hospital. He starts making crazy reports to Paypal and eBay. Saying things like "This guy is foooooool" <--- exactly as typed.

Third - I have been selling an ethernet adapter on eBay for two years now ... I sell 3-4 of them every week. For the first time in 1500+ transactions I get something other than a positive for this adapter - the guy posts a curse word on my feedback saying it didn't work and that it was old and outdated. [Fortunately ... I got the comment removed by eBay]

Finally - yesterday ... I comment on a guy's eBay blog - he starts cursing at me through the eBay question & answer system ... then calls me an hour later and starts threatening to come to my home (naming my street)


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