Monday, February 05, 2007

Satire: The Unfunny Kind & Mac Users Are Playing Right Into It!

I've seen several big Mac News sites linking to a story posted on The Gaurdian this morning by Charlie Brooker- a British comedian.

I really wish I didn't have to contribute to the link and hit total for this article, but I suppose only if you read it can you grasp that it was meant as satire.

The problem is, it's not funny. Why? Because it's not original. So ... I really think it was meant to bring hits to the Gaurdian website. It's probably ad renewal time and they needed to boost hit totals.

The article seems to be a regurgitation of everything Dvorak has been saying for the past few years about Macs and Mac Users - saying just to generate flamewars which equal high hit totals and nowadays - lots of Diggs..

The article even prompted this blogger to get very defensive.

This doesn't deserve attention ... but it merits pointing out that more Mac News sites need to be placing the bracketed [SATIRE] next to the headline.

After emailing this to MacMinute the headline was changed to:

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