Thursday, February 15, 2007

Regurgitated News

I'm not one to really regurgitate news without any commentary but these two posts pretty much sum everything up on their own. I think it is interesting news to pass along.

As reported by Slashdot:

"On December 23, Amazon advertised a 'buy one get one free' sale on DVD box-sets, but apparently did not test the promotion before going live. When anyone placed two box-sets in their cart, the website gave a double discount — so the 'grand total' shown (before order submission) was $0.00 or some very small amount. Despite terms stating that Amazon checks order prices before shipping, Amazon shipped a large number of these orders. Five days later (December 28), after orders had been received and presumably opened, Amazon emailed customers advising them to return the box-sets unopened or their credit cards would be charged an additional amount (more threads). Starting yesterday, Amazon has been (re)charging credit cards, often without authorization. On Amazon's side, they didn't advertise any double discount, and the free or nearly-free box-sets must have cost them a mint. But with Amazon continually giving unadvertised discounts that seem to be errors, is 'return the merchandise or be charged' the new way that price glitches will be handled?"

I hate Amazon and all that they stand for. From this to the founder Jeff Bezos being granted outrageously obvious patents for various web interfaces and commerce (like One Click) - I really have always just disliked Amazon. The majority of the links you see on the side of every page to buy "Apple" related items are Amazon affiliate links that make me less than $50 a year. If I could find a better way to get easier money that would be as well known as Amazion I would do so.

Also on today's Slashdot main page:

Charter Cable's DNS servers have just started resolving all invalid hostnames and pointing them to their own error page. The About page states: 'This service automatically eliminates many of the error pages you may encounter as you surf the web. No software was installed on your computer for this service to work.' It has an 'opt-out' page, but when you use it Charter simply sets a cookie that makes their page redirect errors to Microsoft Live Search instead!"

I noticed this about two weeks ago. I also noticed that a few Apple related websites were mentioning problems with their site's secure purchase software and Charter customers.I was going to do a story a while back on Charter. I still intend to. I've had some intervieews with various Charter excectives and my local city officials - I just haven't had the time to put together a good story. Charter is the worst run company in the history of business - their stock price and customer satisfaction rankings match that sentiment.

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