Saturday, February 03, 2007

National Consumer Protection Week

Feb 4 - 10 2007

Consumer advocacy and protection is the main focus of the news on this site ...

With that in mind, I make readers aware that next week is National Consumer Protection Week:

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) highlights consumer protection and education efforts around the country. NCPW 2007– Read Up and Reach Out: Be an Informed Consumer – encourages people across the nation to take advantage of the wealth of information that can enhance confidence in the marketplace. Consumer information can help people recognize a rip-off, smell a scam, or find a fraud.

As Apple computer owners, a lot of us take our security online for granted. Many of my customers in my Apple Tech service business seem to think "phishing" is somehow related to "viruses". In a way it is ... but "phishing" is a means to obtain your personal information and use your credit, identity and hard earned money by criminals. Sometimes a virus can be used to harvest this information, but for the most part "information phishing" comes in the form of "official looking" emails from your bank, from PayPal, or from sites like eBay.

Know that your bank, and ANY site you do business with will have your receipt, order details, and transaction history contained on their SECURE site. NEVER click on an email asking you to verify information unless you specifically requested an email to do so. ALWAYS go to a website you need and usually you will see a note on your account if there is an alert or message that requires your attention.

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Anonymous said...

I love National Consumer Protection Week too! We're talking about fraud and scam prevention all week long on my site