Monday, February 26, 2007

iPod Psychos

ABC News is reporting:

Two students accused of attacking a teacher in a hallway of Germantown High School on Friday morning are now behind bars.

The attack happened after 60-year-old Frank Burd confiscated an iPod from one of the students who was using it in class. The 14-year-old returned later with an 11th grader.

The teens allegedly pushed Burd, who struck his head on a locker. School official Paul Vallas said Burd broke his neck in two places. He was taken to Einstein Medical Center, but showed no sign of paralysis.

The confrontation was caught on videotape. School officials were able to use the tape to immediately identify the students.

Both students have a checkered past. They were both previously expelled, but they were allowed to return to school after a year. School officials say the kids were in the process of being expelled again when they assaulted Burd.

* Video follows with the link to this story.

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