Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Hate Pepsi!

Random Thoughts about Coca Cola:

I'm one of those few people that can always tell whether I'm drinking Pepsi or Coke. I can always tell the difference between Diet Coke and Regular Coke as well.

I can't stand when I (admitted generically) ask for Coke and the server brings out Pepsi. I appreciate it when a waitress says, "Is Pepsi ok?" That way I can turn it down.

What happened to Vanilla Coke? I loved it and thought it was selling well.

The newly redisigned Coke can (above) reminds me of Jupiter fading in the movie 2010.

The new design doesn't shout vibrance like the old design. The bright red represented "energy" to me. The pale red of the new can kinda says "Blue Pepsi" to me.

* Picture of Jupiter fading from the movie 2010

This seems like a bad move.

[UPDATE] On June 1st Vanilla Coke made it's return!!!!


Anonymous said...

Make your own vanilla coke - get a regular coke and add vanilla syrup to taste. Just as good IMO......

FYT said...

A friend of mine does that for me when I go over to her house. (She uses Vanilla extract)

utkamb said...

i am the same way. it's Coke all the way for me.
i hate it when i'm covering a pepsi track. that means we only get pepsi stuff in the media center, so i have to head to the garage and raid the coolers. thank God for the Coca-Cola racing program. :)
of course, my favorite is Cherry Coke, but I liked the vanilla as well. but whenever i'm at sonic, i go for cherry-vanilla coke.