Monday, February 12, 2007

The conspiracy: Steve Jobs DRM letter

Ian Hobson, on his Hob's Blog, makes a good point about the criticism that Steve Jobs has recently gotten over his open letter to consumers and the music industry called, "Thoughts On Music":

Ian Hobson posits on his blog:

Famous for breaking various encryption and DRM schemes [such as the DRM behind encrypted video on DVDs], DVD-Jon (Jon Lech Johansen) is quite a cult hero for many.

... I remembered reading about what DVD-Jon is up to. He now lives in California and is a key employee at Double Twist Ventures. Their mission?

DoubleTwist would license the ability to apply FairPlay to media companies who wanted their music and videos to play on the iPod.

In other words, Double Twist's business model is entirely dependent upon the continuation and prevalence of DRM, especially as it relates to Apple's Fairplay. As usual, poor journalism is a contributor here and should have picked this up rather than just referring to his history. I see no hypocrisy in Jobs statement, but a huge wad of it from DVD-Jon.

In a further note of irony, it should be remembered that DVD-Jon's home country is Norway - perhaps the most aggressive country pushing for changes in Apple's policies.

I agree ... it is a true lack of journalism from the major media outlets concerning this issue. Another score for blogs getting the story behind the story.

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