Thursday, February 22, 2007

Awareness of your needs or mine?

The BBC has an interview with Kevin Finisterre - one of the "project leaders" behind The Month Of Apple Bugs.

He said the Month of Apple Bugs (MOAB) project had succeeded in its original aim of raising the level of awareness around Mac security.

Actually I think it made the Mac Community's smugness even worse on the topic. The way the Month Of Apple Bugs was so poorly presented and the way in which the "project heads" made an agenda out of making fun of Mac Users rather than seeming to truly desire to assist them made even the most prominent proponents in the Mac Security Community scoff. Dozens of blog posts and major news aggregators carried the story. Because the project was unable to produce anything of substance or of mild threat - I feel Month Of Apple Bugs had the opposite of the stated affect.

I would compare their "awareness campaign" to a far right agenda group that says, "We want to raise awareness for AIDS research, because there are too many queers spreading AIDS."

The general theme of the Month Of Apple Bugs was:

"We want to raise awareness of security on the Mac .. because Apple users are such queers."

Then there's this line:

He said Apple had opened up dialogue about security issues.

"They have certainly given some extra efforts on the backend to open up lines of communication, at least with me."

So ... was it about Apple User's security awareness or Kevin Finisterre awareness? I say the latter.

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