Friday, February 02, 2007

Apple's "Exhibit A" In Apple vs Cisco "iPhone" trademark suit

The Macalope quips:

ZDNet’s Alan Graham has what will probably be labeled “Exhibit A” if Apple does have to go to court with Linksys.

I say exhibit "B" will be this:

With a "Trademark Proof Of Declaration", you are required to file a copy of a label or other packaging showing the trademark in use. Cisco filed a picture of the box for the Linksys iPhone.

* Photo Courtesy of ZDNET (click for larger view)

(Notice the word "iPhone" is NOT actually on a shipping product, it was instead a label affixed to the OUTSIDE of a box) It's also worthy to note that Cisco did not own Linksys at the time of the submission or at any point during 90% of it's useable lifespan) Linksys was purchased by Cisco in 2003. (Correction to the ZDNET article above) The registration was actually made by another company that Linksys acquired in 1997 (Infogear) and was renewed again in 1999 by Linksys)

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