Monday, February 19, 2007

Apple has the best price on a lot of things

While reading this article at ArsTechnica about how a lot of stores rip people off for cables - I noticed this interesting tidbit. I have always despised the big box retail stores for what they charge for cables. A good example is that 6ft USB cables that retail for $19.99 - $29.99 cost $1.77 each from Belkin at wholesale in quantities of 10,000 or more. I've always thought that Apple (since the advent of The Apple Retail Store) has had reasonable adapter/cable prices.

  • GameStop brand: $70

  • Monoprice: $18.93

  • Sony brand: $50-$100

  • MonsterCable: $100

  • Nyko brand at Best Buy: $60

  • RCA at Meijer: $50

  • That Nyko cable again: $26

  • Nyko one more time: $25

  • From the Apple Store: $19

  • I'm often reminded of the "Days Of SCSI" - when quality cables were $75.00 if you were lucky.

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