Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Top 7 Comments Every Popular Comment Forum Contains

You've been pwned!

I can't say that my comments have reached the popularity for any of these type of humorous comments, but none the less these are the 7 most often used humorus comments and some examples of their derivatives.

Usually you'll see these comments on the techie websites like Slashdot, Gizmodo, Engadget, or the popular movie news and review site Ain't It Cool News.

I think the majority of these can be traced back to Slashdot for their origin. They now make their way on to just about any comment board on the net with more than 100 commments.

The most common comments:

1) "First Post"

I've only seen a few humorous twists to this. Some commenters who troll sites like Slashdot just so they can post something first - post "Frost Piss" - because Slashdot and some other sites now have automatic moderation for anyone who makes "A first post" type of comment.

2) "In Soviet Russia ... The Comments Own You"

This is usually a derivative and every now and then a comment like this will be hillarious. Here's a recent example from Slashdot:

Outdated Domains To Meet Their End

"The little used .um internet domain is no more. The domain was used, or rather unused, for US minor outlying islands and the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute had grown tired of maintaining it. This announcement comes as last month ICANN began taking comments on deletion of outdated suffixes. Among the top of the list? .su, the internet domain of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union's .su may prove harder to remove however, as Google still lists 3 million .su sites."

One comment to this newsbyte was:

"In Soviet Russia . . . The Domain expires you . . ."

3) "I, for one welcome our new robot overlords"

If I'm not mistaken ... this may have its origins with a Late Night With Conan O' Brien sketch. Stephen Colbert often uses this pop culture comment as a reference on the Colbert Report. This comment usually comes with a story about a cool new robot or cool new technology.

4) "I hate that [Apple] fanboys get all the press"

I've never understood this type of comment. What is it's purpose and what kind of person makes this kind of comment? It's not funny and I've never seen a funny derivative. It's almost as if this type of comment is being planted into forums by Linux or Microsoft fanboys. This also applies to other types of "fanboys", but I most commonly see it with posts about Apple on sites like Slashdot & Digg.

The term "fanboy" originated from people who were obsessed with comic books.

5) In just about any forum regarding a trademark, copyright, or patent issue this comment or something like it is posted:

Someone should register a trademark like the phrase "Registered Trademark." Hilarity will ensue!

I can't say it was funny the first time I saw this comment, now it's just annoying because usually when a commenter posts it he thinks he's doing it for the first time and that anyone reading it must be laughing their heads off.

6) "You've been pwned"

* Changed from owned

It is generally accepted that the term "pwned" originated because of fast typing and text messaging with the "o" and "p" keys being next to each other and being a difficult "pinky key" to touch.

7) The last most common comment found on message boards is: " Go to WWW.[whatever-the-subject-of-this-article-is]SUCKS.COM for the real truth"

The most annoying thing about this kind of comment is that people (including the poster) don't realize that usually the www.[this-sucks].com websites are run by the competition - much as I found out with PayPalSucks.com.

Are there any other common comments in forums you've found ... I may have missed a few, but these are certainly the most common. Post yours in the comments here.

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