Sunday, January 28, 2007

So, I thought the rule in intelligent thinking is: Using curse words is not something an intelligent thinker does!

I'm sure some of you seem to think that I dislike John Gruber ... in reality it's just the opposite. I respect him immensely. I think he has single handedly made blogs in the Mac World more relevant to the understanding of Tech news in general. He brings a lot of insight and well thought out argument to us all.

Sometimes though it seems like he purposely points out four letter words or their derivatives and he certainly thinks that cursing adds some kind of "coolness" or "personal touch" to his blog.

Take the most recent example which Gruber points out as a news item for his readers:

Microsoft Emails Reveal Envy Over Mac OS X Tiger Features ★
The hits just keep coming from the internal Microsoft emails that are being released as evidence in the anti-trust suit in Iowa. This one is a thread of comments in the wake of Mac OS X Tiger’s unveiling at WWDC 2004. Lenn Pryor, former Director of Platform Evangelism, wrote:

Tonight I got on corpnet, hooked up to my Exchange server and then downloaded all of my mail into the local file store. I did system wide queries against docs, contacts, apps, photos, music, and … my Microsoft email on a Mac. It was fucking amazing. It is like I just got a free pass to Longhorn land today.

I find the subject interesting ... and we are all adults. (But teens read his site too!) I'm not saying that cursing is all wrong all the time ... I just think he points out cursing and uses curse words so much that it's like recess children making "fart jokes".


Anonymous said...

Wait a second. He's quoting cursing, not doing it himself. Tim Gaden of Hawk Wings, who if memory serves me is a minister, quoted the same email.

This is not gratuitous, not a point worth making.

And since you just quoted the same email, aren't you equally guilty?

FYT said...

No, because I could literally give a dozen examples within the past month or so where Gruber curses, quotes cursing etc etc.

I didn't say it was gratuitous, more childish than anything.

I try very hard (leaving this as an example) to eliminate cursing from my own quotes or I just don't quote a person a curses.

If a minister is quoting cursing here ... then I wonder what church he is a minister at? Any minister I know would give a [!@#&!] in a curse word's place.

I wasn't making the statement to point out a "more wholesome personal image" of myself or this site ... it just seems Gruber has changed a lot since the 2006 began (when his blog expanded) and his website has gained in popularity. I feel he's deviated a lot from his original commentary.