Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Opinions About Digg ... from Roughly Drafted

I sent a message to Daniel Eran of Roughly Drafted concerning Digg and linked to my article below:


Thanks for your comments. I'm not really aware of what's going on at Digg recently, but I remember Ryu's campaigns have overtaken Digg for weeks at a time, resulting in huge profits for controversial attempts to market the work of developers. I
know Gruber was critical of the Heist campaign, because he felt it was a raw deal for developers. If Digg readers are growing tired of Ryu's profiteering on Digg, it certainly isn't hard to understand why.

My criticism of Digg is simply that its too stupid, and that its content is more trivial and sensationalist than anything really
useful or interesting. At least Slashdot has some editorial control. Digg just turns the reigns over to whoever has a lot of time on their hands to manipulate what others might see.

Daniel Eran Dilger
RoughlyDrafted Magazine

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