Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nominate Fix Your Thinking for: The Best Tech Writing Of 2006

Steven Levy Will Be Editor For Best Technology Writing (2006)

Best Technology Writing is an annual compendium of the top journalism in the field, published by the University of Michigan Press.

Best Technology Writing is also called “Digital Culture.”

The University of Michigan Press is collecting nominees for the best writing on tech subjects in the year just passed. This includes magazine, newspaper, or online articles and columns (including blog posts).

Steven Levy:

Don’t think of “tech” too narrowly– I won’t! Ideally, though, the choices will be grokable by a general audience, and no longer than 5000 words. So please rack your brains and scan your memory circuits to recall the best stuff you saw–or maybe even wrote yourself.

... be sure to fill out the nomination form. The nomination deadline is February 11. To get the best book possible I’d like to cast a net as wide as, well, the net. It would be great if you bloggers who read this would get your readers in on the hunt, and perhaps have some fun discussing some of the tech writing in 2006 that changed your thinking, told a great story, or simply was great journalism or commentary.

You can nominate this site or any site you wish at this link. Make sure you link to specific articles for your nominee and not just a website.

Here is Fix Your Thinking's Feature Story page. Make sure that the article you nominate from this site was written in 2006.

Here are some suggestions for nominations:

You Gotta Be Berserk To Use An eBay Listing Company (I am currently involved in litigation over this article, currently in appeal by the Plaintiff. It has received a lot of national blogger law attention because of the implications concerning blogger rights.)

The Worst Date Ever For An Apple Tech (I have been begged by all of my friends for years to publish this story. I finally did in March 2006. If you've had a more dramatic date, I'll give you $100 - through Paypal)

I Hate Children And Their Little Laptops Too! (A satirical title for an unbelievable new program that has "international scandal" written all over it. This is where I raised the question about the powering of these laptops (which is by hand crank) for all of the 3rd world's children; "If these are powered by hand cranking, then how many calories does that burn, and how much more in food aid will the G6 have to send to compensate? It has also come out that each of the $100 laptops costs roughly $970 each - an assertion I made from the beginning.)

Do You Love Movies But Hate Watching Them? (This article got the attention (after being prompted by yours truly) of Regal Cinemas who realized that movie attendance is down because of the experience at the movie theater, not Hollwood's lackluster offerings.)

The 5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years (This story grabbed over 4 million hits for this website; giving me my 15 minutes of fame ... it remains my most commented on, most linked, and most hit page. The article was also published on several "How To Write a Great Blog" tip sites.

How To Get Out Of A Cellular Contact, So You Can Get An iPhone (This article was published on Wikihow and remains one of it's most hit "how to articles". I originally published it 7 weeks before the iPhone's actual announcement.)

May I also suggest:

The Curious Case Of The Supposed MacBook Wi-Fi Hack (This is from John Gruber's Daring Fireball website. It was by far the best series of blog posts I read on the web in 2006. Gruber's knowledge made this issue easy to understand as he sorted through the lies and the multiple people making the cover up of inarguably the biggest piece of FUD to hit the Mac Web in years.)

The Zune Digg Fraud Campaign" (This is from Daniel Eran's excellent Roughly Drafted Blog. This particular article really opened my eyes to Digg. At the beginning of the year, Digg was a great place to get your article noticed, now it's just a place for the big news outlets (and businesses) and the popular diggers (read as staff and staff friends) to get an agenda across by manipulating the number of diggs a story has.)

If you think there are other articles I should promote for this list ... please feel free to leave a comment.

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