Monday, January 15, 2007

More New York Times Slackery

Randall Stross, in the Sunday New York Times:

Even if you are ready to pledge a lifetime commitment to the iPod as your only brand of portable music player or to the iPhone as your only cellphone once it is released, you may find that FairPlay copy protection will, sooner or later, cause you grief. You are always going to have to buy Apple stuff. Forever and ever. Because your iTunes will not play on anyone else’s hardware.

No. You can “pledge a lifetime commitment to the iPod” and not ever have to use/hear/download a single FairPlay-protected song or video. If you don’t like FairPlay’s digital rights restrictions .. then don’t buy songs from iTunes. Just rip your music from regular CDs or download your music in MP3 format from artist's websites and Music stores that offer content in MP3 format. MP3's play fine on my iPod.

iTunes Store music and video locks you in to the iTunes Store. iPods and Apple iPhones don't lock you in to anything.

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