Monday, January 15, 2007

MACRUMORS .COM mistreated by IDG at MacWorld Expo?

Originally Posted by arn

"... Engadget gets media passes for the keynote, unlike MacRumors."


I asked this of Arnold Kim [site founder and lead editor]


Did you apply for a media pass and get turned down? I would take issue with that with IDG ... I didn't see any Engadget staff on TV TWICE discussing MacWorld Expo and I certainly consider this site news/news reporting. I'll bet Bill Palmer got media passes ... for iProng ... if so that's a severe injustice (vs you NOT getting one).

While I'm not a big fan of most Apple rumors site ... I really respect Arnold(arn) and the site. I certainly think they are news and should qualify as media. They regularly present balanced opinions and seem to be TRUE (and positive) Apple fanatics, unlike ThinkSecret who seems to exist solely to undermine Apple, Looprumors (who seems to be able to get lucky with regurgitation of rumors), and AppleInsider who doesn't really get anything right or wrong just rewords the best rumors and gives more details)

Macrumors had (BY FAR) the quickest updates ... while Engadget was slightly more detailed ... it was about 5 to 10 minutes behind during most of the keynote and I really really liked MacRumors auto update feature.

Macrumors honestly made one feel like you were at the keynote.

* IDG is the coordinater and marketer of MacWorld Expo


Jack Campbell said...

100% agreed.

Arn and staff deserve major kudos for the most impressive real-time coverage I saw of MWSF '07, as well as for their always timely and always carefully balanced reportage of both Apple news and rumors.

If these guys do not set examples for what online journalism should be, I can't think of another credible nominee.

Shame on IDG.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah baby - Billy Boy got Media passes for MWSF. Well he is a "credentialed press" as he loves to tell everyone.

An unimaginative egotist is how I prefer to describe him.....

FYT said...

And that's upsetting ...

He doesn't provide nearly the well researched information Macrumors does.

While MR does regurgitate a lot of information, they also provide unique commentary and excellent history and summary of rumors.

Unfortunately, I think it is the rumor community itself that has ruined ARN's chances for ever getting a media pass ... but I think it may be time for him to make a stand ... possibly even legally ... and using iProng as an example of IDG being unfair.