Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is iPodWorld iLLegal?

While cruising through a shopping mall (Hamilton Place) this past weekend in Chattanooga Tennessee I noticed this booth; iPodWorld.

(click on pic for larger image)

First thing I noticed was that there were no actual iPod MP3 players for sale. Second, I noticed there were no ® or © next to iPodWorld.

I don't believe a business can name themselves as such according to Apple Naming Policy. The person manning the "booth" didn't know if the owner of the business was Apple authorized. Usually you will see this if a business is:

The store isn't listed in the mall's directory as most "center kiosks and booths" are ... so I find this very suspect for infringement.

The booth was filled with "no name" brand iPod accessories so it's good to see none of the major players(Griffin, DLO, Belkin, etc) support this kind of sale.

* Higher resolution pic added

* Note that iPodworld.com resolves at playlistmag.com and there is no server at all other domains


Jack Campbell said...

Nothing to be 'suspicious' about here: It is certain, clear trademark infringement. Even an Authorized Apple Reseller gains no usage rights to the 'iPod' trademark in it business operations.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you fixyourthinking by mindingyourownbusiness. The owner of this kiosk is trying to make a buck, and there is no need to bring him to the attention of the the stock option criminals in Cupertino.

FYT said...

Making a buck at the expense of Authorized Apple dealers. I don't see anything wrong with that ...[rolling eyes]

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why you write "iPodWorld" when in the picture it appears to be "iPod World".

But I do agree with you. If there's an Apple store in that mall, I'd go over there and ask the manager is the kiosk is related to them.

FYT said...

There were several different versions of the signage and name scattered amongst the kiosk. There isn't an Apple store in the Hamilton Place Mall ... I doubt this business would survive long in a mall that did have an Apple Store.

A legit biz would at the very least have a "management or customer service number" and I would think that a gadget/tech store/biz would have a website ... if nothing a temporary place holder at a DOTBIZ or DOT US domain ... of course Apple would have found them out had they registered iPodWorld.COM

FYT said...

And by the way, there are several stores in the mall that sold iPods and iPod accessories (like RadioShack) - and each one has "Apple Authorized Reseller" banners with iPods and the Apple logo displayed prominently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1: Funny you should mention criminals, because stealing someone's property (be it a trademark or tangible item) _is_ criminal.

In light of there being no Apple store, I'd send an email to retail@apple.com with that photo and ask if it's their kiosk.

I'm surprised the mall even allowed it actually. I'm sure they wouldn't allow a kiosk called "Levi's World" that has no affiliation to the real brand.