Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An iPod Accessory That Opens Your Garage Door?

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters &
Advanced Bridging Technologies
form product alliance

As reported by MacMinute:

DLO and ABT combine forces on new iPod products

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) and Advanced Bridging Technologies (ABT) have announced an alliance to combine the best of both companies and deliver technically advanced products to the iPod and portable electronics market. Future products will be developed jointly and then released under the DLO brand. The first products of this partnership will be announced later this spring and will be available in all major DLO outlets.

It's interesting how this isn't worded as a merger, acquisition, or asset buyout. This is huge news for ABT. In general, I associate ABT with low end remote controls for the iPod, but maybe that will change by being branded with the DLO label.

As of this posting, the DLO Press & News Page has not yet been updated with the information.

Interesting note: ABT also make garage door remote controls under the name AAAREMOTES. Could we soon have an iPod accessory that opens our garage doors?


Anonymous said...

ABT and AAARemotes (Marwest Access Controls) are two separate entities. The only relationship is that AAARemotes sells ABT products.

FYT said...

They are the same privately held company as far as I can see.