Thursday, January 04, 2007

iLounge: MacWorld Booth Will Be Filled With Lawsuits?

An anonymous reader posted this link to the comments:

This directs to a YOURMACLIFE.COM page with this statement:

As most of you know, the "Big Event" outside of Macworld Expo last year was Shawn and Lesa's Wedding. This year, the Big Event will be *multiple* lawsuits.

I just got off the phone with the Editor in Chief [that would be Dennis Loyd I suppose] of Apparently, there are a couple of websites out there who have been stealing content from iLounge and they are tired of it.

So they are taking the "opportunity" to serve papers on those folks while they're in town for Macworld Expo. Even better, they're going to do it at a *public* event!

Hopefully, I'll be around to capture it in all its glory. :)

Anyone got any guesses as to which web sites iLounge is going after? :)

My guesses are are on serving iProng and embarrassing Bill Palmer & Crew publicly. I really don't know who the others would be.

This is sure to be some drama!

* Apparently the post on YOURMACLIFE is referring to this:

Bad News For Content Theives!

[UPDATE] This was added to the iLounge "Content Theives" page discussion:

Update January 6, 2007: As an update for interested readers, electronic notices have been sent out; physical follow-ups will be delivered to the recipients personally during this week. At least one of them has already begun the (lengthy) process of removing infringing content. In order to avoid any guessing games as to who’s involved, we’ve had to close comments to this article, but thank all of you for the kind words and support you offered - they mean a lot to us.

The interesting part to this statement is that comments about who were involved were encouraged by Jeremy Horowitz (the article's author):

From iLounge:
There’s a lot here to digest, and I’m sure there will be questions in the days ahead. We’ll answer the ones we can; others may have to wait a while, and just maybe, the thieves will knock it off rather than continuing to steal from us - that’d be great. Until then, thanks again for your support of iLounge; it is truly appreciated.

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