Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Has anyone else thought of this?

Cingular became "The New AT&T" on Monday.

The cellular company formerly called Cingular will almost certainly put the name AT&T" in the menu of the iPhone rather than as it currently stands as Cingular.

I just thought this was interesting ... won't AT&T kind of look like it stands for Apple Telephone and Telecom?

I tried to see if anyone else had posted something like this ... if your site or BLOG did ... then I'm certainly willing to share credit.

While on the topic of AT&T and Apple ... I wonder what will happen to this lawsuit: AT&T sues Apple for MPEG4 Patent

* AT&T stands for American Telegraph & Telephone

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Anonymous said...

On GSM phones, this is a dynamic display. Whatever carrier area you are roamin in will show in the display. So, in the US, and you are a Cingular customer, it will show Cingular; when roaming in europe, it will show whatever carrier Cingular has roaming agreements with.

this is for all GSM phones. In some contries, there is sometimes an additional line showing the actual cell or city you are romaing in.