Friday, January 19, 2007

Follow Up: Was MACRUMORS.COM mistreated by IDG at MacWorld Expo?

I received this reply from Arnold Kim (owner of MACRUMORS.COM) this morning:

Hey Philip,

... I replied in the thread that I got an unqualified media pass which let me into everything BUT the Keynote.

I'm going to email about the media pass for next year's expo soon.


An unqualified media pass is the equivalent of $20 (a free exhibit hall pass) which you can actually get [FOR FREE] from several sources prior to the show. This is a shame and an injustice to ARN and the hard work he puts into delivering excellent news and news commentary on his blog. He was also one of the FEW who were interviewed on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION ... not once but TWICE!

See also: mistreated by IDG at Macworld Expo?

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