Friday, January 19, 2007

Doing MacWorld Expo RV Style

In this post, which was a response to a great article by Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba (a Mac software developer) about the costs of exhibiting at MacWorld Expo; I suggested using an RV to save money and make for a great sales gimmick and get free advertising.

I did a little research into the possibility. Here is a response from Confidence Bay (a business who actually did exhibit with an RV at MacWorld)

Hi Philip,
Normally booth space runs $50 per square foot, which is pretty expensive considering the large size of an RV. Because we were working for MacWorld producing content, we worked out a trade and were able to negotiate a better price.

Our RV is a customized vehicle with two edit suites built in along with a viewing area so clients can view the daily footage either inside the RV or broadcast onto a custom window for viewing outside the vehicle. So more than just exhibiting inside an RV, we were actually exhibiting the RV itself.

Laura Weis, P.E.
Confidence Bay Inc.
Austin, TX

From my previous post:

One thing that I can add, as a cost saver, and unique experience for you and your employees is to travel via a Winnebago ... eat, sleep, and store your stuff for your exhibit in it. I'm not sure if MacWorld would allow a Winnebago on the show floor, but if they do it would make a great booth and allow employees a resting place even during the expo. Plus, a benefit to buying a wrapped Van or Winnebago serves as advertising on your road trip and local advertsising and other exhibition opportunities. You may even be able to get other businesses to help sponsor you by adding their advertising to "your travel". It would be a big upfront cost, but would be a great long term investment in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Glad I could point your RV research in the right direction.....

FYT said...

Yes thank you.

Anonymous said...

Now, may I recommend this little beauty?

I don't think the SLK comes as an optional extra - mind you at the price it may well do...

FYT said...

Wow ... I'd say the iPhone has to be my dream come true, but that will be in my dreams until the iPhone comes out. That's amazing. Although I'd rather have a Mini Cooper convertible and have a bit extra storage space for my booth. So, are you gonna buy it? I think I could find a sponsor to pay for the wrap.

In all honesty, I've always thought of having a mobile Apple Tech biz/Apple store.

At one point, I had the idea of doing an RV for Apple advertisement and travel around the country as a kind of promotion for the iPod as well ... but it ended up that the iPod needed no promotion.