Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digg being used by the jealous competitors?

Is Digg A Malice Machine In The Mac Community?

Read this Tubular YouTube Client Screws Preorders Over.

Make sure you read all of the comments.

The malice against Philip Ryu, including strange coincidences about Daring Fireball's reporting, is disturbing.

Daring Fireball strangely promoted TubeSock ... when Tubular (promoted by Philip Ryu) does the same thing and has been out about the same time.

Does it seem like to you that maybe Ryu's competition (not necessarily TubeSock) might be behind the "digg down" campaign that's going on behind this?

Daring Fireball's John Gruber has also attacked Philip Ryu multiple times on his participation and organization of MacHeist even when it was obvious that Ryu was doing nothing wrong and that the developers and participants involved loved the MacHeist program.

It's also obvious that Ryu has tried to extend his hand to Gruber by allowing him to be a guest judge in the MyDreamApp competition.

I'm not saying Ryu doesn't deserve critique ... but his new projects are being bashed by political machines rather than based on merit ... all seemingly due to a "you were called out by John Gruber" crowd.

The Daring Fireball clique is apparently a "you are in or you are way out" kind of thing. It's a machine. This group of cool, young, and hip Mac loving bloggers are very polarizing ... and it's turned quite political over the past few months.

My personal opinion is that the trend towards "Only if it's Dugg or on Daring Fireball is it news" is ... concerning.

Digg commenters the same as those on Slashdot? - an interesting blog entry that reaffirms my opinion that there aren't that many who actually post information to comment forums ... it's a select few that comment every where each day. (By "select few" I mean tens of thousands, but not the millions that actually surf these sites each day.)

* edited to reflect comments made by the author of TubeSock


Anonymous said...

I'm the "people" behind TubeSock. There's just one of us. I don't have employees and I don't, as far as I know, have a possee. I don't read Digg (except when someone sends me a link) and I'm not part of any "digg down" campaign.

Tubular (formerly InnerTube) was announced after TubeSock first shipped. TubeSock has been for sale since August of 2006. Tubular was announced at the end of the same month. At least, that's when I first heard about it, and as I recall the author's posting announcing it specifically mentioned TubeSock.

I don't know John Gruber and can't speak for him. I can't say why he posted about TubeSock. My guess is that he tried it and liked it.

Regardless, I am pretty sure that if there actually is such a thing as a "DaringFireball clique," I'm not part of it. I wouldn't know how to contact Gruber without surfing to his site's contact page. (And I'm so uncool I still enter "" to get there. ;)

And for the record, I've never spoken to Philip Ryu, but I'm not part of the anti-Ryu jihad. If he asked to include TubeSock in a bundle, I'd certainly consider it.

So your theory devolves into, at worst, some idea that, to punish Ryu, DaringFireball favors my app over Ryu's app. I guess that's possible, but I think there are plenty of other good reasons to favor my app.

I'm just a developer, not a marketer. I'll let my app win or lose on its own merits.

FYT said...

Thanks for your input. I personally purchased your product and I like it.

I agree that the market should just work this out ... but it's odd to me how Ryu has this "seemingly massive" smear campaign going on against him with everything he does.

I'm trying to find out where it started.

I'm not necessarily saying that you were a part of the "jealous competition" - it may be others - in this case using Tubesock - as a means to make a point.

Your app is great and I use it daily.