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Brief Bio Of The Author of Fix Your Thinking Philip Smith (As published in the The Best Of Technology Writing 2008):

I've enjoyed writing all of my life. I have people tell me that one day of my life as an Apple Tech is like 3 months of their lives. So, I have always enjoyed sharing my day to day experiences with others. In 1994, I started writing and moderating for FireFly - one of the first social networking sites on the internet; similar to today's MySpace and FaceBook sites. In 1999, I started journaling on Slashdot. In 2002, I carried my writings to my own website which eventually became my current blog on blogger. In 2005, my blog was listed in the Blog 100 by CNET.

~ Philip Smith

I moderate comments on this site. Know that I will try very hard to get your comment approved and posted as soon as possible.

Comment moderation serves as a great way to be able to contact me without me having to post my email address. Just comment on any article to contact me (Editor & owner of FixYourThinking), the post will not appear ... I will see it, and respond accordingly. You can post your email address within the comment if you want me to respond directly. Again, your email address will be perfectly protected and will NOT be published.

I will publish meaningful critical comments with linked/backed up disputes of any facts or opinions I voice here. Dissenting opinions, without direct attack on me, worded in a G to PG-13 manner will be instantly approved. Baseless attacks without any supporting evidence will be deleted and/or unpublished. If I can determine a pattern from a particular individual of misbehavior, you will be reported to Google's Blogger Admin.

A brief history of this site:

- Philip Smith (the founder of this site) ran a Slashdot BLOG/journal from 1998-2003

- contributed various content to The PowerPage and other Mac Centric websites under the pseudonym ADZOOX

- contributed various content to MacCentral (before becoming MACWORLD.COM)

- through a matter of circumstance, I ran across Jack Campbell at in December 2002

- within the MacCentral forums I discovered Jack Campbell making press releases for several ventures, most notably MACTABLE.COM & MACMICE.COM

- within 8 months a (truly) "anonymous source" starts JACKWHISPERS.COM and emails me anonymously making me editor

- JACKWHIPSERS.COM name is a parody of MACWHISPERS.COM (a rumor website once run by Jack Campbell)

- within 4 months; I move JACKWHISPERS.COM to my own domain

- within 2 months; I start publishing stories about eBay & Apple Computer related drama

- in mid 2004; I commission a major redesign to JACKWHISPERS.COM to make it a more mainstream site

- in mid 2005; I registered FIXYOURTHINKING.COM

- in mid 2005; I open a blogger account to make editing of this site easier & start to move all content from JACKWHISPERS.COM to FIXYOURTHINKING.COM (co-located at

- in January 2006; A company called Bidzirk sues me for an article placed on this site.

- by March of 2006; the transition from JACKWHISPERS.COM to FIXYOURTHINKING.COM is complete

- in November 2007; I became victorious in my legal battle with Bidzirk - winning a huge precedent concerning blogger rights - having fought the entire trial Pro Se

- in August of 2008; the JACKWHISPERS.COM domain expired - this website continues under the FIXYOURTHINKING.COM name

- in January 2009; I took a job with Apple Retail - which somewhat limits my blogging about Apple Computer.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How often do you update this site?

I try to update it every day. Older stories and reference sections (found on the right side of every page) are updated often.

Q: Who are you?

It's pretty easy to find out, just go to and type in

Q: Why did you stop writing about Jack Campbell?

It's not interesting any more and it's not news. All things Jack Campbell are thoroughly discussed here and it's time to move on. He's leading a much different life now, although still dramatic ... I believe he's changed a lot in the last few years.

Q: What companies and products did Jack Campbell create or has he been principally involved in?

It's hard to know how many exactly ... it runs into the hundreds and (not exaggerating) possibly into the thousands. Some known companies: ENVESTCO, MacTable, MacMice, JamPod, Jamplug, MicPlug, ProSticks, DeskMac, ChangYi, ZeroSticks, SightFlex, MicFlex, iTilt, iArm, Gscoot, DVForge, iBreeze, IceMate, A Blinds Company (as in curtains), A Yard Mowing Company (that booked on the internet), SafariPod, SoloAmp, ErgoMac, DVBase, iArm, iPerch, PrecisePad, Bass Piston, GarageKey, RealPix (a digital camera marketed at Real Estate Agents), A jewelry liquidation website, CinemaView, CollinsAmerica ... it goes into the upper double digits that I know of.

Some other websites:,,,,,

He has also associated and done business with distributors in China, Africa, Canada ... and the likes of Other World Computing and Mac-Pro.

See this designer site for some of his products: JEFFRUTAN.COM

Q: How do I contact you directly?

There are several ways and I'm sure you know them if you know how to research on the web, but the easiest way to contact me is by posting a message here on this BLOG

Q: Can I contribute to this site?

Sure ... just post a comment on any post here and I will evaluate your information. You can also help me by pointing out any grammar errors or date facts you may see that are incorrect.

Q: Can I use a picture from this site/ Can you please attribute me for the photo you have on your site?

Sure, just leave a comment any where (preferably on the article in question) ... it's not always easy to find the original owner / poster of a picture. If you see art or images that belong to you; I want to give you credit. Just let me know.

Q: Why can't I see my comment immediately?

After researching on the popular websites that allow anonymous comments, I have come to the conclusion that the average anonymous commenter doesn't contribute much and is an easy source for trolls to stalk and belittle people and businesses baselessly with idiotic "You suck" type comments. While I certainly encourage ALL COMMENTS (good or bad) I would rather make everyone's experience here a happy one. Very few critical comments further a discussion or merit and encourage responses. I could care less about my image through my critic's opinions, but I do care about the direction of the conversation here. You can still say anything you want, I will see it, but the world wide web may not see it.

Q: That's a very questionable advertisement, why would you allow a sponsor with such an ad?

I am still in the early stages of setting up my Google Adsense advertising. I'm told that it can take up to a year (or more) to filter out most of the junk advertisements. I neither approve or disapprove of ads, but know that I am trying very hard to filter out bad content. If you see a questionable advertisement, just comment on any article and I will investigate it for removal by adding to my blocked ad list.

Q: What lawsuit were you involved in and where can I find out more information?

You can Google for Bidzirk vs Smith and also do a site search in the sidebar to the right. Ars Technica did the best write-up about my case. This case established three key factors of blogging: 1) A Functional Analysis to analyze blog posts as defamation, as trademark infringement, and as invasion of privacy. 2) Defamation in blogs must be provable. For instance, I called the owner of Bidzirk a "Yes man". The Federal Judge said this was unprovable as true or false and has very little meaning in a positive or negative light. I also back this up by saying that MOST people on eBay are "Yes men" and often over promise and under deliver. 3) Invasion of Privacy can not be pursued if a picture is made publicly available on a publicly accessible website; especially if by the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff attorney tried to make the claim that I posted a picture of the Plaintiff and his wife, when in fact; I merely linked to the picture to back up the fact that their new marriage may have gotten in the way of the dedication level to my business with them. I also established a Pro Se litigant's right to travel with concerns to a webmaster defending a case Pro Se. (Feel free to email me about further details in regards to this case.)

I have relied mostly on friends over the last few years to help me with comment moderation, grammar mistakes, and other site matters that required attention.

Thank you for reading ...

I especially would like to thank the following regular contributors to this site:

Middle-Aged Man
Tom from SmallWave
I Am A Lover Of Children's Literature

* Thanks to everyone that has answered my request for corrections and proofreading.

NOTE: Your IP address can be masked with an anonymizer or you can email me from a Yahoo or Hotmail client from a public library [once given my email address if requested]. ANY post to this website is COMPLETELY confidential. All you have to do is post a message with your contact information. Furthermore, your cellphone has a feature where you can block caller ID. If you request such, I will not even attempt to find out your identity unless you want me to know.

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