Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Apple being sued by Intertainer for entertaining us

As reported by MacMinute:

Apple, Google, Napster face patent lawsuit

A story on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (originating from Bloomberg) reports that Apple, Google and Napster are being sued by Intertainer Inc, an online movie distributor, for patent infringement. "Apple, maker of the iPod music player; Google, the most-used Internet search engine; and Napster, a seller of songs online, are using the patented technology without permission, Intertainer said in a complaint Friday in federal court in Marshall, Texas." Apple and Napster had no comment on the complaint, while a Google representative said the company has not been served by the complaint.

Yet another bogus lawsuit against Apple that represents an obvious patent. Thank goodness that the new year will bring patent reform.

From The Seattle Intelligencer describing "patent claim":

The patent, covering a "digital entertainment service platform," was issued in August 2005, court papers show.

* more details on the patent with commentary from a Technology law expert can be found at this link to TechDirt

If I'm not mistaken, the iTunes Music Store has been around for much longer ... I believe the patent was first submitted in 2001 by Intertainer and was pretty much an obvious step for iTunes - it would seem Intertainer took this obviousness and submitted a patent ... which was finally granted in August 2005.

This lawsuit will be added to the FixYourThinking Reference section on Apple related litigation.

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